Workers Compensation

  • How Does Workers Comp Work

    How Does Workers’ Comp Work?

    Under the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law, there is a two-tier statute of limitations: Pursuant to Section 18 of the Law, you have 30 days from the date of accident or knowing that you have a work-related sickness or

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  • William W. Crossett

    What if My Injury Occurs Off-Premises?

    The law providers for Workers’ Compensation benefits for all injuries or illness that arise from or occur during the course of employment. This does not mean that the accident or illness has to occur at any particular place.

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  • What is Workers Compensation

    What is Workers’ Compensation?

    The New York State Workers’ Compensation Law is the exclusive remedy of an employee who is injured or made sick while at work in New York State. “Exclusive remedy” means that, by law, you cannot sue your employer for an injury or illness that

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  • Is Workers Compensation Insurance Mandatory for Employers

    Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Mandatory for Employers?

    In New York State, anyone with an employee is required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. If you are a sole owner or stockholder of a company, you do not need insurance for yourself, although it is required for

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  • Injured in an Auto or Truck Accident While Working

    What if I am Injured in an Auto or Truck Accident While Working?

    If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in the course of your employment, New York State provides No-Fault Benefits in addition to Workers’ Compensation Benefits. No-Fault Benefits are provided by the

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