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  • Workers' Compensation Death Claims in NY

    Workers' Compensation Death Claims in New York State

    Families lose so much when a loved one dies as a result of a workplace accident or illness. They should not have to lose income too. The Workers’ Compensation Law provides death benefits to family members to replace the lost wages of their loved one.  This benefit may be payable to a widow, minor children, parents, or other family members. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of death claims and their potential payouts, insurance companies often deny death claims, which can mean litigation and

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  • NY Workers' Comp Settlement

    Is Workers' Compensation Paid Weekly or in a Lump Sum?

    How often do Workers' Compensation benefits get paid out in New York? In New York State, Workers' Compensation benefits are generally paid biweekly, or in certain scenarios, in the form of a lump sum. Workers' Compensation pays lost wages while you are out of work for a work-related injury. Generally, lost wages are calculated weekly, but are typically paid biweekly during your disability period. Your payments are based on your average weekly wage at the time of injury and your degree of dis

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  • Construction Injuries and Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions image of lawyer bethany nicoletti near syracuse ny

    Construction Injuries and Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

    You should file a Workers’ Compensation claim for your illness.  This is known as an Occupational Disease claim.

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  • image of grace nichols for mcv law blog post on Covid-19 and NYS Workers’ Compensation: How to Receive Benefits

    Covid-19 and NYS Workers’ Compensation: How to Receive Benefits

    It has been nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and with the new Omicron variant spreading rapidly, workers all over New York State continue to be at risk of contracting this virus every day they go to work. We are additionally beginning to see the longer term effects the virus might have on those who were infected.

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  • How Much is My Workers Compensation Case Worth? | NY Workers Comp blog image of William Crossett

    How Much is My Workers Compensation Case Worth?

    The outcome of a Workers’ Compensation claim — and the amount of award received — can vary significantly from case to case. It is crucial to select the right attorney who understands your worth and will fight for the benefits you deserve.

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