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After a work injury or developing a medical condition from your job, Workers' Compensation benefits are not guaranteed. 

In the NY Workers' Compensation system, the burden of proof is on the worker to prove that their injury or illness was a direct result of their work. From filing a claim to getting approved for benefits to continuing to get treatment and wages covered, the Workers' Compensation process is complicated. MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyers near Ithaca, NY have been there, protecting workers' rights for over 30 years. 

Many injured and sick workers wonder "How will I provide for my family and I?" Our experienced, compassionate Workers' Compensation Lawyers are here to help get you answers, and the benefits you deserve. 

"My calls and emails are always returned in a timely manner and they are always willing to take the time to answer my questions and fully explain the process. I highly recommend for all workers compensation issues!"

- Sandra, a satisfied MCV Law Workers' Compensation client

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By law, you have 30 days from the day of your injury or when you know your sickness was from your job to report the injury or illness to your employer. A Workers' Compensation claim must also be filed within 2 years. 

If you don't notify your employer and file a claim within the above time frame, you're at serious risk of getting Workers' Compensation benefits denied. 

The initial Workers Comp claim can make the difference between getting Workers' Comp benefits approved or denied.

Even if your Workers' Compensation benefits are first approved, you may run in to problems continuing to get benefits or getting certain medical care covered depending on the information provided in your initial Workers' Compensation claim. Considering this, it's important to talk with a Workers' Compensation lawyer sooner rather than later. 

"I was frustrated with the insurance company denying my claim. Your advice put me at ease and you made the process of helping me get taken care of really easy. I don't think I would have prevailed had it not been for you.

I would recommend your firm to anyone with a contested Workers' Comp claim."

- Jamie, a satisfied client

"My treatments and medications were constantly blocked by insurance companies, but after retaining MCV Law they got me medical care and meds that were delayed for 11 months, within days of their help and guidance."

- Curt, a satisfied client

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Our Workers' Compensation Lawyers are Here for You

workers compensation lawyers near ithaca ny answering your questions at mcv lawAt MCV Law, we understand that our clients need to know what's going on with their Workers' Compensation case. 

While you may not understand some of the legal jargon and all of the intricacies of the NY Workers' Comp system, people often have questions like:

  • "How does this affect my income and Workers' Comp benefits?"
  • "When will I get paid?"
  • "How much will I get paid?"
  • "What medical care will be covered?"

Whatever questions you may have, MCV Law's Workers' Compensation lawyers are here for you and ready to answer your questions. 

We keep you informed throughout the Workers' Compensation process. With MCV Law, you're never left in the dark and you're not left wondering about the status of your benefits. 

"They are extremely knowledgeable and made this very complicated process easy to understand.

They are always available to answer any questions or concerns and have really followed through for me."

- a satisfied MCV Law client

"They were there for me throughout the entire process, making sure I was up to date and aware of every detail pertaining to my case. Truly top notch!"

- Matthew, a satisfied MCV Law client

"From the initial consultation to the present, he has kept me informed at every step. He has fought and won for me."

- a satisfied MCV Law client

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Get Your Life Back. Our Workers' Compensation Lawyers Can Help Make It Happen. 

Many people feel overwhelmed and confused after a work injury or job-related medical diagnosis. They've worked hard, and to no fault of their own, are now left having to prove that they deserve to get paid because unsafe working conditions prevents them from continuing to work. 

People who are trying to get Workers' Compensation benefits are just honest, hard working people who are trying to make ends meet for themselves and their families. 

The process for getting Workers' Compensation benefits can seem complicated. MCV Law's Workers' Compensation lawyers are here to help make sense of it all, advocating for you and protecting your rights. 

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Are You a Federal Worker Who's Been Hurt on the Job? Our Federal Workers' Compensation Lawyers Can Help.

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For injured or sick workers near Ithaca, NY who work for the federal government, there is a separate federal Workers' Compensation process.

This includes anyone who works for a federal agency, the military or the United States Postal Service.

The MCV Law team also includes federal Workers' Compensation Lawyers. Learn more about how our federal Workers' Compensation lawyers may be able to help you or your loved one below.

Federal Workers' Compensation Lawyers  

Many Injured or Sick Workers May Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, Too

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After a serious work injury or job related medical diagnosis, some injured or sick workers may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. 

If you qualify, you can collect both Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time. 

However, getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be a confusing and frustrating process. 

Don't leave yourself and your family with less than you deserve. 

Learn More About Our Social Security Disability Lawyers

MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyers Have a Record of Results

The MCV Law team of Workers' Compensation lawyers includes award winning Workers' Comp lawyers. Our experienced Workers' Compensation lawyers have the knowledge and compassionate approach you can trust. 

"Very quick to respond to my emails. Emailed me updates as they occurred with my case. I highly recommend this office if you need legal representation for a workmen's compensation."

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"MCV Law is a TRUE TEAM of amazing lawyers that will work hard to get you exactly what you deserve. Case won - Thank you for giving my life back. A+++"

-Kristin, a satisfied client

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