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Kimberly Slimbaugh
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I have had the privilege of having Ms. Slimbaugh representing me in a workers compensation case. Ms. Slimbaugh has taken the time to explain the law to me. She has answered my questions and made sure I understood the answers. She has been quick to return my call as well as getting important informational changes to me. When I was denied disability Ms. Slimbaugh went to court with me and fought for my rights. The court ruled in my favor and a disability case was established. Ms. Slimbaugh is courteous but to the point. I finally settled the workers compensation case, where she fought for me every step along the way. I could not have gotten through this without her help.
– Marie

Kim Slimbaugh assisted us with an SS Disability claim. She made an overwhelming situation very simple for us. Kim is very knowledgeable and professional and our claim was approved after the first submission. We have used Kim for other legal services as well and I would highly recommend Kim and her firm to anyone needing their services.
– Pam

I had obtained the services of Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP for a very unfortunate experience in my life - losing my job of almost 30 years due to an arm injury (Workers' Compensation) which has lead to a permanent disability. Kimberly Slimbaugh represented me applying for Social Security Disability benefits and did a great job presenting my case and we subsequently won the case. I highly recommend Ms. Slimbaugh and any other member of the law firm of Meggesto Crossett & Valerino

- Julie B.

Looking for a Social Security Lawyer, look no where else. I found Kim Slimbaugh through word of mouth and great reviews. Kim worked hard throughout the case gathering evidence, as well as her assistant Jan, they left no stone unturned, they are an aggressive law firm for an aggressive system. I had ALJ Hearing on 3/10 and looked online today 3/16, I was Approved. Kim controlled that court room with her testimony and some great cross examination between the Judge and VE. My family can't thank Kim Slimbaugh and all of MCV Law for all they did. The government is going to throw everything they have at you, throw Kim right back at them.

- Jason

William Crossett IV
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I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs one. From the initial consultation to the present, he has kept me informed at every step. He has fought and won for me. The best thing I ever did was hire Mr. Crossett and can only praise his work, by thanking him.
– rdhunter1072

Throughout the course of a very long and complicated case Mr. Crossett and his team proved to be very professional and knowledgeable. They also always kept me up to date and treated me with respect whenever I had questions or concerns regarding my case. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
– Hugh

Dear Bill Crossett, Want to thank you for helping me, for standing by my side, protecting me, and defending me.
– Michael

As Steve and I reflected on the past year, we began to talk about the people that had an impact on us and/or our lives. Your name came up. We began to talk about our experience with you.So we started thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to let you know how we felt about our experience with you during Steve’s workman’s compensation case?

First, we have to acknowledge that we do not think anyone could have handled Steve’s case any better than you did.

With the confusion that circles around the workman’s comp., you were able to guide us through the process with the utmost compassion, humor, respect and knowledge.

From the day of the injury up to the current day – through the ups and downs, we have met and been helped by some amazing people and you are certainly one of them. Thank you for helping us through our challenges and never making us feel that our questions were not important, or that we were not important. You were never too busy to take our phone calls as situations would arise.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you did for us.
-Steve and Terri

This letter is to thank your firm, specifically Mr. William Crossett and Mr. Joseph Stainistreet for representation that was above and beyond what I expected to receive. Mr.Stainistreet was clever, extremely professional, comforting, and always kept us informed during the process. It was apparent to me that he cared about the outcome almost as much as I did. His style of representation was impeccable, classy, and he cleverly executed every facet of the case.

It was very difficult to find An Attorney to handle A Longshore Labor Law case. My Sister and myself called countless Law Firms and even called New York State Bar Association and they had no idea what Longshore Labor Law was? I was very fortunate to have found MCV Law.

I was proud to have Mr Crossett as my lawyer. I felt comforted by his portrayal of experience and knowledge. Throughout this experience, Mr. Crossettt spent his evening hours preparing for the next day. He was protective, well prepared, thorough, convincing, and always accurate.

Mr. Crossett did everything he promised and more. He comforted me when I was worried, and fought hard for me. I have already recommended a co-worker to MCV Law and will speak very highly of The Firm when asked about my case for years to come. Mr. Crossett and Mr Stainistreet are truly and asset to your firm, as they are a terrific Legal Representation. Thank You.

Sincerely yours,


If I had only known that decisions made by me regarding my NYS Compensation claim would still be affecting my life 36 years later. If I had only known the attorneys at MCV Law all those years ago!

Like many of you reading this review, I suffered what I considered a serious work related injury. Not knowing where to turn, I took the advice of a co-worker and retained a law firm without doing my homework. Though I have managed to keep working throughout the many years, the impact on my life and that of my loved ones has been devastating.

In 2010, I managed to fight for myself without an attorney and was able to secure a much needed neck operation. This was not an easy path, but having an old case, no attorney would touch it. Nine years later in 2019, after spending several years coping with serious pain, health issues and no sleep my surgeon advised that a second operation be in order.

After a year of fighting constant denials for the operation and related procedures, I nearly gave up hope. I reached out to Mr. Gary Valerino of MCV Law, who was kind enough to introduce me to his partner and NYS Compensation expert Mr. William Crossett.
Due to its age and the fact that my case was medical only, no attorney was ever interested in taking it on. Mr. Crossett is a very knowledgeable straight shooter who agreed to take my NYS Compensation case, advising me “it’s not about the money; it’s about making you better.”

In a very short time Mr. Crossett with a great assist from fellow attorney Mr. Christopher Stringham, attended several hearings and remarkably took on the out of state NYS Comp doctor.

Since my operation in May of this year, I am well on my way to becoming whole once again. My family and I are forever in their debt.

Thank you MCV Law, if I had only known!

- Armond

Gary Valerino
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Valerino since 1994 on Landlord/Tenant issues and he is by far the best Attorney in NY. He and his team are always extremely professional and attentive to their clients needs. Over the years I have referred many clients to this firm due to the fact that I believe in their abilities. I would highly recommend Meggesto, Crossett, & Valerino
– Jennifer

Bethany Nicoletti
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I worked with Bethany! She is fantastic! Being that I’ve never used worker’s comp. She explained every step and worked tirelessly for my case. I recommend MCV Law to anyone that needs great comp lawyers!
– Christina

I was assigned to Bethany Nicoletti for a worker's compensation case. I was unsure of the workers comp process since I never had experience in this. Bethany and her staff did a great job explaining the process to me. She answered all my calls and emails in a promptly manner. Highly recommend.
- David

Christopher Stringham
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I was injured on the job and found a local lawyer to handle my case as the workers comp claim was denied. A year later when I needed to file for permanency judgement, he was too busy to bother getting back to me. Since I live in a very rural area, there were not very many other options. The closest law firms I contacted stated my case was "out of their area" - the case was presided out of the NYS workers comp office in Binghamton, NY, and no one wanted to deal with that.

Finally I found Christopher Stringham at MCV Law. (Syracuse is not close to Binghamton either)

He not only took the case, but always got back to me usually the same day or at most 24 hours.

In addition, he found details the prior attorney overlooked, and nearly doubled the judgement!

Finally, He was attentive, personable, and basically a "regular" person who took the time to explain the details and never had the condescending attitude that is common.

I can't recommend Christopher at MCV highly enough.

I never write reviews because who has the time - but in this case I was more than happy to.

- Chris

I like to say thank you to you and the law office for taking my workers comp case and doing a great job of representing me and making things easier. I would highly recommend you to friends, family. Keep up the great work.

- Chuck