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MCV Law's Estate Planning team handles more than just wills and powers of attorney. Probate refers to the legal process for administering the estate of a loved one after they have passed away. The probate process can be lengthy and complicated, especially if a loved one passes without a will or if a will isn't enforceable.

How MCV Law's Probate Lawyers Can Help

One of the most common legal issues people face is dealing with the probate court. This is especially difficult when a loved one dies without a will - it forces the administrator to distribute the estate based on New York Intestate laws, and not based on how the deceased would have wanted their property to be distributed.

Even if a will exists, if it is not carefully constructed in a way that stands up to the strict requirements of New York laws, it is considered invalid. This can quickly turn into a deeply personal and contentious situation that causes additional distress to your family.

MCV Law's experienced probate lawyers can assist you and your loved ones in simplifying the probate process. Our compassionate, effective approach makes our probate lawyers the trusted legal guides you need to respect the wishes of a deceased loved one in the most amicable way possible. 

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