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  • How does work history impact SSDI eligibility? Social Security Disability law firm in Syracuse, NY

    How Does My Work History Impact My Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits?

    If you suffer from an injury or chronic condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. However, more is needed to establish your eligibility than just a diagnosis. One of the most critical factors that goes into determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits is your work history. Understanding the interplay between work history and SSDI eligibility is very important for anyone applying for benefits. Contact

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  • Estate Planning Lawyers in Syracuse, NY

    New York Estate Planning Law in 2024: Hot Topics and Possible Legislative Updates

    As we settle into 2024, it is important to be aware of some potential changes to New York's Estate Planning laws that are likely to be under discussion among policymakers over the course of the year. If estate taxes change, consider updating your Will. One possible legislative update involves taxation. The federal government and New York State government regularly modify the structures, rates, and thresholds associated with estate taxes. Legislators often base these modifications on econom

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  • MCV Law - Personal Injury Attorney in Syracuse, NY

    What Is Comparative Negligence, and How Does It Affect Your New York Personal Injury Case?

    One of the main requirements of a New York personal injury claim is to show that another party was negligent, and that the negligence caused or contributed to your accident. But what if more than one party is at least partly to blame for the accident? What if you were also at fault?  When that is the case, your claim will be subject to New York’s comparative negligence rules. Comparative negligence is the assigning of a percentage of fault to the parties involved in an accident. It can be app

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  • Healthcare Proxy Lawyers in Syracuse, NY

    The Importance of Healthcare Proxies: Who Will Speak for You?

    Who will speak for you should you not be able to? Do you feel it's important that doctors and hospitals know your wishes on end-of-life procedures you want to allow or not allow? Should you be in a coma, and/or unable to speak for yourself, who will speak for you? A Healthcare Proxy Living Will is an important document that you can prepare, with the help of an attorney, that will speak for you when you are unable. A Healthcare Proxy Living Will in conjunction with a Power of Attorney and Las

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  • SSDI attorneys in Syracuse, New York

    Social Security Disability Law in 2024: Hot Topics and Possible Legislative Updates

    As we head into 2024, it’s important for Social Security Disability claimants and recipients to be aware of some potential legislative updates that could impact the benefits, application process, and eligibility criteria associated with SSDI. Several topics are under discussion among lawmakers and medical providers, and as always, the disability attorneys at MCV Law are closely monitoring the latest developments. New Leadership at SSA On December 23, 2023, Martin J. O’Malley was sworn in a

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