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  • NY Workers' Comp Settlement

    Is Workers' Compensation Paid Weekly or in a Lump Sum?

    How often do Workers' Compensation benefits get paid out in New York? In New York State, Workers' Compensation benefits are generally paid biweekly, or in certain scenarios, in the form of a lump sum. Workers' Compensation pays lost wages while you are out of work for a work-related injury. Generally, lost wages are calculated weekly, but are typically paid biweekly during your disability period. Your payments are based on your average weekly wage at the time of injury and your degree of dis

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  • Syracuse Social Security Disability Lawyers

    What Disabilities Can You Get Social Security Disability Benefits For?

    How does the Social Security Administration evaluate my claim? If you have a disability that has become debilitating enough to keep you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Once you file a claim, the chances of it being approved by the Social Security Administration will depend on how you prove the severity of your disability and its impact on your ability to work. The Social Security Administration takes into account 5 main factors when evaluating an

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  • Syracuse Estates Lawyer

    What to Do if You Receive a Certificate of Appointment in New York State

    What to Do if You Receive a Certificate of Appointment If you have received Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration in New York State, MCV Law’s Estates lawyers have the experience and knowledge to clarify your legal role, guide you through the estate administration process, and outline your rights and restrictions. Our compassionate team helps people in your situation perform efficient, legally sound distributions of assets, providing peace of mind and a helping hand during a diffi

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  • Carpal Tunnel Workers' Comp Benefits

    NY Workers' Compensation Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Worker Susceptibility and Symptoms Many jobs already involve the use of a computer. However, with much of the workforce transitioning to a "work from home" model, an increase in time spent working at a computer is anticipated. Long hours spent working at a computer can lead to the development of various occupational diseases.  One of the most common we see is carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects the hands and wrists.  Besides jobs that are performed on a computer, man

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  • Warehouse Injury - Workers' Compensation

    Warehouse Injury Lawyers in Syracuse, NY

    Workers' Compensation for Warehouse Workers: Common Injuries and Frequently Asked Questions The warehousing and transportation industry consistently experiences some of the highest injury and illness rates involving days away from work per 10,000 workers. While all warehouse and transportation jobs can be dangerous, some companies are more dangerous than others. For instance, recent studies have shown that Amazon warehouse and transportation workers suffer serious injuries at twice the rate o

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