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  • car accident on the job

    Can I Receive New York Workers' Compensation Benefits for a Car Accident Injury?

    Can I Receive New York Workers' Compensation Benefits for a Car Accident Injury? Yes. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York State while in the course of employment, you may be entitled to New York Workers' Compensation benefits. Depending on the cause and severity of your injuries, you could receive these Workers’ Compensation benefits in addition to a Personal Injury settlement, and/or Social Security Disability benefits. MCV Law is unique in that we can assist you with

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  • Oswego, NY Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

    Eviction Lawyer Serving Oswego, NY

    Are you trying to evict tenants from your property? We understand the challenges you face as a landlord in the Oswego-Fulton area. Landlord-Tenant Law in New York State is complicated, and maintaining your property, dealing with property taxes, and handling evictions can all be costly and difficult processes. When you end up having to evict tenants, you do not have to navigate the complex deadlines and court papers alone. A single mistake can result in your eviction case being dismissed. Th

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  • NYS Workers' Comp - legislative update

    NYS Workers' Compensation - Legislative Update

    Something to celebrate. On Wednesday, September 7th, 2023, important legislation was passed in New York State. Legislation (S1161-A/A2034-A) increases the minimum benefits for Workers' Compensation to better protect low-wage workers who are injured on the job and cannot work. This legislation asserts that the minimum NY Workers' Comp benefits to be awarded for permanent or temporary partial disability will increase over the next three years, as detailed below. This is an encouraging and necessa

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  • New York Workers' Comp benefits for correctional officers

    New York Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Correctional Officers - MCV Law

    All claims for NY Workers' Compensation benefits are important. Medical care and wage replacement benefits are critical to allow the injured worker to recover from their work related injury. Perhaps one of the most dangerous occupations and most confusing in the Workers’ Compensation system are those injuries that occur to New York State Correctional Facility officers. Therefore, injuries in the course of those duties are not uncommon. As a result each “unit” In the correction facility system

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  • SSDI claimant - onset date of disability

    What Does the Onset Date Mean for your SSDI claim?

    What is an onset date, and what does it mean for your SSDI claim? The onset date is the date that you claim you became disabled when you file your application for Social Security benefits. Typically, the onset date is the date you last worked, but not always. Choosing the correct onset date is very important to your chances of obtaining disability benefits and obtaining the maximum back payment you are entitled to receive. The onset date determines when you are first eligible to receive Soci

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