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    What else do I need besides a Will?

    Many may recall the legal battle of Terri Schiavo, a woman from Florida that was in an irreversible vegetative state, which lasted from 1990 until 2005. The legal battle ensued when Terri’s husband wanted to remove her from life support, stating she would not have wanted to continue to live on artificial life support, while her parents disputed the doctor’s diagnosis and Terri’s husband’s assertions and wanted her to remain on life support stating that she would rather have quantity of life over…

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  • what is compensatory damage by civil litigation lawyers near syracuse ny at mcv law

    What is the Damage?

    This question can be frustrating for clients. We have already looked at liability, it is clear that you were wronged; therefore SOMEONE should pay, and although this is true, the law doesn’t magically come up with a number to compensate you with. The law works in a way to compensate you for your loss, it is not, however, designed to punish individuals for their conduct or injuries to you. (In rare circumstances there are things called “punitive damages” but for the average person those will not …

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  • how to sue someone civil litigation from mcv law near syracuse ny

    Do I have a case? A look at the DNA of a Civil Litigation matter

    Many people come to lawyers very quickly after they feel they have been wronged. Although this is VERY important to do as there are a number of time limits, procedures and things that need to occur very shortly after being your property is injured; it is important to ask yourself a few questions before calling MCV so we can help. Over the next few months, I will be walking you through the steps and questions that are important to know and to think about as you wish to pursue a civil litigation m…

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    Recognizing Nurses on Nurse Appreciation Day and National Nurse Week

    In recognition of Nurse Appreciation Day (May 6) and National Nurse Week (May 6 - 12), MCV Law is honoring the hard work and dedication of nurses.…

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  • injury at work first thing to do from mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    First Things First - I Was Hurt At Work

    If you suffer an injury at work, the first thing you must do is a see a doctor immediately.…

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  • schedule loss of use award thumb from acs inc web design and seo near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    Schedule Loss of Use

    A Schedule Loss of Use is awarded for injuries to the extremities, as well as injures to the eyes and ears. Generally, a SLU is awarded approximately one year after surgery or the date of injury.…

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  • workers compensation lawyers survey from mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    Injured Workers: Permanency Awards are Inadequate

    The Workers' Compensation Alliance has released an important paper with the results of a survey of injured workers about schedule loss of use awards.…

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  • social security disability crohn's disease social security disability lawyers from mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    Crohn's Disease and Social Security Disability

    It is possible for an individual suffering from Crohn’s disease to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits.…

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  • thumb how to appeal a decision in a federal workers compensation claim by mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    How to Appeal a Decision in your Federal Workers Compensation Claim

    You can appeal an Unfavorable decision issued in your Federal Workers Compensation Claim. When the OWCP issues a denial in your claim, they will include information about the four (4) various ways an appeal can be filed.…

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    Rationalized Medical

    What is a "rationalized medical opinion?" Get quick answers here, and how it could apply to your Workers' Compensation claim.…

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