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  • Autumn Brings Hidden Dangers image of MCV Law logo from MCV Law

    Autumn Brings Hidden Dangers for Driving

    I love autumn. Autumn means warm days and cool nights, hiking through orange and yellow leaves, and pumpkin coffee! However, even though winter is considered the worst season for accidents, autumn has its own share of risks.…

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  • Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer from mcv law

    Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

    Why should you consider hiring an attorney to help with a Social Security disability claim? The answer is simple: the law is complicated, and attempting to prove the case on your own may not be worth risking the success of your case.…

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  • SSA Announces 5.9 Percent COLA Increase for 2022 from The Social Security Disability Team at MCV Law

    SSA Announces 5.9% COLA Increase for 2022

    On October 13, 2021, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that there will be a 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase.…

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  • Do I have a good workers compensation case image of william crossett from mcv law

    Do I Have a Good Workers Compensation Case?

    Every injury at work deserves an evaluation to ensure that you're receiving the maximum benefits under the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law.…

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  • MCV Blog Post for accessibility for all in mcv law's new space image of construction worker on building

    Accessibility for All in MCV Law’s New Space

    MCV Law’s mission is dedicated toward assisting our injured workers and helping our clients get their lives back – which is why our new building is going to be as accessible as possible.…

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  • The Importance in Having a Good Fence image of Paula Highers real estate lawyers near syracuse ny at mcv law

    The Importance in Having a Good Fence

    The old saying “Good fences make good neighbors” was memorialized in 1914 by Robert Frost in the poem “Mending Wall.” There can be a hundred different interpretations of what a good fence is. Most people probably think of Tim Allen and Mr. Wilson on “Tool Time” when they think of a good fence and good neighbors - but could there be more?…

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  • When Should I Hire a Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer image of Kimberley

    When Should I Hire a Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer?

    We are often asked why someone should hire an attorney for a social security disability (SSD) case and at what point in the process they should hire an attorney to help in their claim. The best time to hire a social security disability lawyer is as soon as possible.…

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  • Patricia Stegemann

    New York State Makes Recent Changes to Boater Safety Laws

    It’s summertime and that means fun on the water for Central New York boaters! There are recent changes in both New York boater safety laws and boating insurance rules that all boat owners and operators need to know in order to protect both themselves and others. A good source of information about safe boating rules and regulations is the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation.…

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  • how do i get paid after surgery mcv law image of MCV Law logo

    How Do I Get Paid After Surgery and How Long Does It Take?

    After having a surgery, you’re entitled to a period of 100% total disability and the pay that matches that “Degree of Disability” at 100%.…

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  • Image of MCV Law Syracuse Office

    MCV Law's Syracuse Office is Moving

    MCV Law is excited to announce that, in the fall of 2021, we will be relocating our Syracuse, New York office. Construction has commenced to build out our space to meet the needs of our clients as we help you get your life back.…

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