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    New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) Update

    As of Friday January 20, 2023 at 9 pm, the New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) has stopped accepting new applications for rental assistance.  What does that mean? It means that a tenant can not file an ERAP application to stay an eviction proceeding. However, should additional funding become available to the State for the ERAP program sometime down the road, the ERAP program may begin accepting new applications. Any application filed prior to January 20, 2023 at 9 pm, will

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  • If I Have Children, Do I Need a Will?

    If you have children, you should have a will. You may think that you don’t need a will because you don’t own a home, or have enough money in savings. But if you have minor children, you need a will to name the person/people you want as Guardian(s) to care for them. If you don’t have a will, the decision may be left up to the Courts. Who do you want to care for your child if something happens to you? If you don’t name a Guardian, then any of your child’s next of kin can petition the Court to

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  • Can you get disability benefits for long covid?

    Yes. Even after testing negative for COVID-19, some people who've had the virus continue to experience a variety of debilitating symptoms that can prevent substantial gainful employment. If you've been diagnosed with long COVID and can no longer work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Getting approved for SSDI is difficult, but getting benefits for a recently discovered disease like COVID-19, the long-term effects of which are not yet fully understood, ca

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  • Does New York State Have Common Law Marriage?

    No, New York State does not have Common Law Marriage.  Even if you have been with your Significant Other for years or even decades, when you aren’t able to make decisions for yourself, your Significant Other may be blocked from helping you, or even being with you.  If you are not legally married, you may not be treated as Spouses without first setting a plan in effect. If you want to authorize your Significant Other to make Medical Decisions when you can’t, you must name them as an Agent on you

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    Why Every Landlord Should Have a Lawyer

    There is a common misconception among landlords that a rental property portfolio has to reach a certain size for the hiring of a lawyer to be cost-effective and practical. As a result, these landlords may go unaware of highly consequential nuances of New York State Law, and they may even represent themselves during evictions, often to the detriment of their best interests. If you find yourself asking “Do I need a lawyer for an eviction?”, remember that the cost of not knowing the law and makin

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