Schedule Loss of Use

The Workers’ Compensation Law provides a payout if you have a permanent loss of use of an extremity.  This is referred to as a “Schedule Loss of Use.”  This award may be payable regardless of whether you are unable to work.  Rather, it is meant to compensate you for a residual, permanent impairment that results due to a work injury.  The calculations are complicated and the process could involve significant litigation if the insurance company does not agree with your doctor, or even its own doctor.

The Workers’ Compensation attorneys at MCV Law handle loss of use cases every day.  We have extensive knowledge in making sure you are fairly compensated for your loss of use.  The insurance company won’t tell you how to pursue this and they will look to pay you as little as possible.  Call MCV Law to make sure your loss of use is paid appropriately.   

Body Percent Part Lost H.P. Total Loss 100%
Hand 32 244
Arm 32 312
Foot 32 205
Leg 40 288
Eye 20 160
Thumb 24 75
Index Finger 18 46
Middle Finger 12 30
Ring Finger 8 25
Small Finger 8 15
Great Toe 12 38
Other Toes 8 16
Hearing - Both Ears 60 - 150 or 75 each