Thank You for Staying Home and Working from Home

At MCV Law, we are grateful to our fellow citizens helping to keep at bay the deadly disease that is affecting our nation. We know you have heard that this silent killer spreads by close contact. Nonetheless, we at MCV stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this war. We remain working diligently from our home office bunkers to serve you.

At MCV Law, we represent and advocate for any injured worker across the broad spectrum of employment; from the respected front line heroes manning hospital, emergency and Intensive Care Units, grocery store checkouts or delivery persons. We are also mindful and advocate for the numerous persons charting new territory in working from home.

We understand that this new reality calls for changed working conditions. Such changes are likely fraught with perils and dangers not normally encountered before. At MCV Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are skilled at handling any new injury or disease you may incur. We have unparalleled experience in handling both at home injuries arising from employment or disease cases suspected of being contracted at work.

For an at home injury to be compensable it must arise both out of and in the course of employment. Did you trip coming down the stairs after retrieving a work document? Did your neck or arms become symptomatic after spending hours at the new ‘at home’ work station? Are you an essential worker who has contracted COVID-19? These instances may very well be compensable and we invite you to contact us.

We again thank you for staying home and staying safe.

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