Workers Compensation

  • Syracuse, NY Workers' Comp Law Firm

    How to Get Your Medical Bills Covered by NY Workers' Compensation

    One of the first and most important questions we are asked by potential clients who have suffered a work-related injury or illness is “How do I get my medical bills paid?” Receiving proper medical attention and obtaining proper medical care is one of the most important first steps in recovering from a work-related injury. An employee injured in the course of employment or suffering from a work-related illness should first understand that medical care is provided through the Workers’ Compensat

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  • New York Workers' Compensation Benefits for Exposure to Harmful/Toxic Substances

    New York Workers' Compensation Benefits for Exposure to Harmful/Toxic Substances

    Toxic substance injuries and the NY Workers' Compensation system When people think of work injuries, typically an orthopedic injury such as a herniated disc or broken bone comes to mind. There is no question that these are the most common type of injuries that workers face. These injuries are usually the result of a specific event, and are known as accidents, meaning that they happened on a specific day at a specific time. Orthopedic injuries such as those mentioned above can also result from

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  • Syracuse, New York Workers' Compensation Death Claims Lawyer

    Fatal Work Accident Lawyer in Syracuse, NY - Workers' Compensation Death Claims

    The thought of losing a loved one to a workplace accident is unfathomable. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and sometimes they result in death. It is important to know your rights if you find yourself in the unthinkable situation of having to file a death claim. The Workers’ Compensation Law in New York provides lost wages to family members to replace income lost due to the death of a spouse or parent. The law also provides reimbursement for funeral expenses. You may be eligible to receive

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  • New York Workers' Compensation Appeals Law Firm

    Why Was My Workers' Compensation Claim Denied?

    New York Workers’ Compensation claims can be denied by the insurance company for a variety of reasons.  One of the common denial reasons we see is when the insurance carrier is still investigating a claim.  They may file a denial to buy some time to complete their investigation.  Once their investigation is complete, if they are satisfied the requirements of the law have been met, they may change their position and accept a claim. Other common denial reasons include: lack of medical evidence

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  • NY Workers' Comp Injury

    Does My Injury Qualify Me for Workers' Compensation Benefits?

    If your injury occurred during the course of your employment, it would fall under the Workers’ Compensation Law in New York.  There are two types of Workers’ Compensation claims, an accident and an occupational disease.  An accident case is one that occurs due to a specific event, such as a fall or a lifting injury.  An occupational disease case is one that occurs over time, which often involves a repetitive, work-related task.  An occupational disease is not always a physical injury such as C

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