Workers Compensation

  • New York silicosis victim

    Silicosis Lawyer in New York State

    Silicosis is a harmful, incurable lung disease caused by inhaling crystalline silica. The medical effects of this condition can be devastating, and even fatal. No worker deserves to suffer from this illness as a result of the time and effort they’ve spent on a jobsite. Unfortunately, people in a number of professional occupations are at risk, especially those associated with major New York State industries such as construction, renovation, mining, and ceramics. When the unthinkable happens an

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  • NYS Workers' Comp - legislative update

    NYS Workers' Compensation - Legislative Update

    Something to celebrate On Wednesday, September 7th, 2023, important legislation was passed in New York State. Legislation (S1161-A/A2034-A) increases the minimum benefits for Workers' Compensation to better protect low-wage workers who are injured on the job and cannot work. This legislation asserts that the minimum NY Workers' Comp benefits to be awarded for permanent or temporary partial disability will increase over the next three years, as detailed below. This is an encouraging and necessar

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  • New York Workers' Comp benefits for correctional officers

    New York Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Correctional Officers - MCV Law

    All claims for NY Workers' Compensation benefits are important. Medical care and wage replacement benefits are critical to allow the injured worker to recover from their work-related injury. Perhaps some of the most dangerous injuries (and most difficult to navigate within the Workers' Compensation system) are those that occur to New York State Correctional Facility officers. In this occupation, injuries sustained in the course of duties are not uncommon. As a result each “unit” in the correc

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  • Workers' Compensation Death Claims in NY

    Workers' Compensation Death Claims in New York State

    Families lose so much when a loved one dies as a result of a workplace accident or illness. They should not have to lose income too. The Workers’ Compensation Law provides death benefits to family members to replace the lost wages of their loved one.  This benefit may be payable to a widow, minor children, parents, or other family members. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of death claims and their potential payouts, insurance companies often deny death claims, which can mean litigation and

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  • NY Workers' Comp Settlement

    Is Workers' Compensation Paid Weekly or in a Lump Sum?

    How often do Workers' Compensation benefits get paid out in New York? In New York State, Workers' Compensation benefits are generally paid biweekly, or in certain scenarios, in the form of a lump sum. Workers' Compensation pays lost wages while you are out of work for a work-related injury. Generally, lost wages are calculated weekly, but are typically paid biweekly during your disability period. Your payments are based on your average weekly wage at the time of injury and your degree of dis

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