Workers Compensation

  • William W. Crossett IV

    Independent Doctor Medical Exams - Workers' Compensation

    I am often asked my thoughts on independent medical exams. I question how any doctor can be considered “independent,” so it is necessary to discern what independent means. Independence is most often defined as being free from outside control and, in the

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  • William W. Crossett

    Considering a Section 32 Settlement?

    The biggest decision you will have to make in your case is whether or not to accept a section 32 settlement, which usually means a one-time lump-sum payment, as opposed to ongoing weekly payments. Typically, a Section 32 agreement will end both the carrier’s obligation to make

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  • Christopher Stringham

    3 Years with the Medical Treatment Guidelines: Has it Gotten Any Better?

    Commentary by Christopher Stringham, Esq. On December 1, 2010, the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board instituted Medical Treatment Guidelines for the neck, back, shoulders, and knees. The intent of the treatment guidelines was to have all parties (doctors, attorneys, insurance carriers

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  • New York Worker’s Compensation

    New York Worker’s Compensation – Medication and Transportation Reimbursement (C-257)

    For Meggesto, Crossett, and Valerino claimants with an existing New York State Worker’s compensation case, Compensation Law provides for the reimbursement of certain Medical and Transportation costs that are directly related to the injury of record. Reimbursable expenses include

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  • Syracuse-representation-of Injured-Workers-lawyer-William-W-Crossett-IV-at-mcv-law

    I Have Been Hurt at Work. What Do I Do First?

    The short answer to this all-important question is: Report Your Injury. The Worker’s Compensation law has a two part statute of limitations. The law requires the injured worker give notice of the injury within 30 days of knowing or within 30 days of when he should have

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