• covid 19 and hospital inequity why its getting worse and how to fix it republished by mcv law

    Covid-19 and Hospital Inequality; Why It’s Getting Worse, and How to Fix It

    The following content has been republished from The New School Center for New York City Affairs. The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the underfinanced hospitals serving thousands of poor and working-class New Yorkers the hardest.

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  • small claims court near syracuse ny info from mcv law

    Choice of Court

    Where is the case going to be litigated? That is an important question because it goes to the cost benefit analysis of recovering anything from a particular situation.

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  • litigation basics near syracuse ny from mcv law

    What Do You Want? Your Goals in Litigation

    The law only affords limited remedies, and those remedies may not be helpful.

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  • Do You Really Need A Will?

    Do You Really Need A Will?

    No matter how much money you have, a will guarantees that whatever property, personal belongings and assets you have will go to family members or beneficiaries you choose. If you have children, a will is necessary, as it will ensure

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  • James Meggesto

    Common Misconceptions of the Law

    Parents are responsible for the negligent acts of their children. While this statement may seem logical, it is untrue. Parents are not responsible for the consequences of their children’s negligent conduct. If, however, the parents own conduct is

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