What Do You Want? Your Goals in Litigation

Out of all the topics I have covered in my “litigation basics” blog this is the one that the lawyers cannot help you with, but it is critical to know going into litigation so that MCV can help you through the process. The law only affords limited remedies, and those remedies may not be helpful.

The most common remedy, and the one that people want the most is the monetary remedy. This simply means that when you addressed the court in your petition, complaint or other document, you wanted a specific amount of money because you were injured (for this particular blog I am referring to a non-physical injury).

Many people come into the office and say that “it's not about the money” it's about principle. These cases are the most difficult, because the law and the courts do not have a “principle remedy”, it has monetary remedies. It is best to come into our office with an understanding of this so we can work with you to most appropriately obtain the best outcome for you.

Ultimately, if you wish to have your case resolved in the court of law you are going to have to put a price on that principle, whether it be how much you put on the Summons and Complaint to start the case, or to settle the case as it marches to litigation. This seems like a callous way to interpret a case but it is the logical way when looking at what the court can resolve.

Coming into MCV and knowing how we can help and what we can do for you is important information so that expectations can be calculated and met. We want to provide the best service possible and we like to provide reasonable expectations when we meet with you, as it helps to know what is obtainable and what is not. (there can never be a guarantee of judgment or a positive outcome).

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