• Does New York State Have Common Law Marriage?

    No, New York State does not have Common Law Marriage.  Even if you have been with your Significant Other for years or even decades, when you aren’t able to make decisions for yourself, your Significant Other may be blocked from helping you, or even being with you.  If you are not legally married, you may not be treated as Spouses without first setting a plan in effect. If you want to authorize your Significant Other to make Medical Decisions when you can’t, you must name them as an Agent on you

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    Why Every Landlord Should Have a Lawyer

    There is a common misconception among landlords that a rental property portfolio has to reach a certain size for the hiring of a lawyer to be cost-effective and practical. As a result, these landlords may go unaware of highly consequential nuances of New York State Law, and they may even represent themselves during evictions, often to the detriment of their best interests. If you find yourself asking “Do I need a lawyer for an eviction?”, remember that the cost of not knowing the law and makin

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  • MCV Law Partner William W Crossett IV Announces His Retirement listing image of mcv lawyers near syracuse ny

    MCV Law Partner William W. Crossett IV Announces His Retirement

    I am fortunate to announce that December 2022 concludes my time as a Partner at MCV Law.

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  • fall meeting of the IWBA listing image of bill crossett attorney at mcv law near syracuse ny

    Fall Meeting of the New York Injured Workers Bar Association

    Recently attorneys Crossett, Stringham, Nicoletti and Nichols attended the fall meeting of the New York Injured Workers Bar Association (IWBA), in Saratoga, New York.

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    Residential Eviction Services for Landlords in Syracuse, NY

    We are pleased to share that Chief Administrative Judge Marks signed an Administrative Order allowing evictions to resume. The Order enables all residential eviction matters to move forward. The Order, however, is subject to the CDC Moratorium, the Tenant’s Safe Harbor Act, and all other Federal and State Executive Orders.

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