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    Evictions Have Resumed

    We are pleased to share that Chief Administrative Judge Marks signed an Administrative Order allowing evictions to resume. The Order enables all residential eviction matters to move forward. The Order, however, is subject to the CDC Moratorium, the Tenant’s Safe Harbor Act, and all other Federal and State Executive Orders.…

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  • covid 19 and hospital inequity why its getting worse and how to fix it republished by mcv law

    Covid-19 and Hospital Inequality; Why It’s Getting Worse, and How to Fix It

    The following content has been republished from The New School Center for New York City Affairs. The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the underfinanced hospitals serving thousands of poor and working-class New Yorkers the hardest.…

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  • small claims court near syracuse ny info from mcv law

    Choice of Court

    Where is the case going to be litigated? That is an important question because it goes to the cost benefit analysis of recovering anything from a particular situation.…

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  • litigation basics near syracuse ny from mcv law

    What Do You Want? Your Goals in Litigation

    The law only affords limited remedies, and those remedies may not be helpful.…

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  • Do You Really Need A Will?

    Do You Really Need A Will?

    No matter how much money you have, a will guarantees that whatever property, personal belongings and assets you have will go to family members or beneficiaries you choose. If you have children, a will is necessary, as it will ensure…

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  • James Meggesto

    Common Misconceptions of the Law

    Parents are responsible for the negligent acts of their children. While this statement may seem logical, it is untrue. Parents are not responsible for the consequences of their children’s negligent conduct. If, however, the parents own conduct is…

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Attorney

    3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Attorney

    Potential clients often ask us whether or not they need an attorney. The short answer to this question is no, injured workers are not required to have an attorney. However, there are 3 key reasons why we believe injured workers should have an attorney.…

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  • William W. Crossett

    Are you paying out of your pocket for treatment for your comp case?

    At Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP, we make sure our clients do not pay out-of-pocket for costs associated with their claims and that they receive the reimbursement they are entitled to. Medical professionals, doctors…

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  • Heather La Dieu

    How can I protect myself if I cooperate with the government in exchange for leniency?

    Federal prosecutors will typically require an individual to make a “proffer” of any information he or she will provide in exchange for leniency. Any statements made during plea negotiations with the government are generally inadmissible…

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  • Heather La Dieu

    Who is allowed to look at my medical information?

    In my last blog, I talked about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) that gives you rights over your health information. With a few exceptions, you have the right to inspect, review and get a copy of your medical records and billing records…

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