MCV Law Partner William W. Crossett IV Announces His Retirement

mcv law partner william crossett announces retirement image of mcv law lawyers near syracuse nyI am fortunate to announce that December 2022 concludes my time as a Partner at MCV Law. Similarly, at the end of this legislative session, my time as Co-Chair of the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance and leadership roles at the New York Injured Workers' Bar Association and New York State Bar Association concludes. And I will withdraw from the active practice of law and participation in the many other associations I have enjoyed over the last forty-plus years.

I thank every person whom I have assisted. The courage shown by Injured Workers and their families as they navigate the law and process always impresses me. You have bestowed upon me knowledge and wisdom that I would not otherwise have had.

Likewise, I thank the people I have worked with over the years. Without the brilliant assistance of the clerks, paralegals, administrative assistants, administrators, lawyers, and mentors, I would have accomplished much less. Unfortunately, while we have helped many Injured Workers, their families, and policymakers, the work is incomplete. I know, however, that the teams I leave at MCV Law, the Injured Workers' Bar Association of New York, and the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance are up to the task.

While I have other endeavors planned, I will always be available to offer advice and counsel when asked. To that end, I will become "Of-Counsel" to MCV Law for at least a year.


-William W. Crossett IV, Esq.