Why Every Landlord Should Have a Lawyer

There is a common misconception among landlords that a rental property portfolio has to reach a certain size for the hiring of a lawyer to be cost-effective and practical. As a result, these landlords may go unaware of highly consequential nuances of New York State Law, and they may even represent themselves during evictions, often to the detriment of their best interests. If you find yourself asking “Do I need a lawyer for an eviction?”, remember that the cost of not knowing the law and making a mistake on your own can be much worse than the cost of retaining legal counsel. In fact, having an experienced legal team at your service can be incredibly affordable and effective, especially with MCV Law’s customizable billing options.

Landlords that operate at different scales may have very different legal needs, and one may need a lawyer’s help more frequently than the other, but MCV Law is here for both. Whether you need the one-time services of an eviction lawyer in Syracuse or you’re interested in an ongoing arrangement as you manage a hundred units across Central New York, our team offers the proficiency and detail-oriented quality that every landlord deserves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out a single home or running an apartment complex. Having the right legal counsel and representation can make all the difference when you’re faced with evictions, disputes, and other matters of Landlord-Tenant Law. Leave the hard work to us, so you can focus on the big picture and manage your portfolio with peace of mind.