Evictions Have Resumed

We are pleased to share that Chief Administrative Judge Marks signed an Administrative Order allowing evictions to resume. The Order enables all residential eviction matters to move forward. The Order, however, is subject to the CDC Moratorium, the Tenant’s Safe Harbor Act, and all other Federal and State Executive Orders.

What does this mean?

That after seven long months, MCVLaw can now commence your eviction proceedings, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. Syracuse City Court is now accepting filings; however, the process is cumbersome because of the new covid restrictions. Some courts, especially Town and Village courts, may not reopen for eviction proceeds until after January 1st, 2021, but we will be ready.

The key is to commence your proceeding so that your matter is on the court calendar. It also allows MCVLaw an opportunity to review your notices and be prepared for potential defenses that the tenants may assert. And of course, it will enable us to assist you in working out payment plans and other types of arrangements.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. However, the path is full of obstacles due to the structure, capacity, and procedure of each court.

To learn more or file your eviction, contact a member of the MCVLaw Landlord Services Team.