Why Should I Have A Healthcare Proxy?

why should i have a healthcare proxy mcv law attorney paula highers near syracuse nyMany of us have been personally affected by what is now known as COVID-19 and challenges it has brought to our lives.  If you have had a loved one in the hospital during the past year you probably have felt the frustration of not being able to go into the hospital with them, feeling like you were helpless and unsure what to do, feeling frustrated because you could not physically be present when loved ones were hearing from doctors as to what the diagnosis was or being unable to have your questions answered because you did not have the proper authorization.  Many people during the past year have come to the realization that they or a loved one do not have the basic Estate Planning documents in place that could have helped ease some of these stresses.  Did you know that having a Healthcare Proxy in place prior to these major, unexpected, life events can help to ease some of the stresses that you and your family feel? 

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