How Can I Get Answers On Behalf of a Hospitalized Loved One During Covid-19?

how can i get answers on behalf of a hospitalized loved one during covid mcv law attorney paula highers near syracuse nyIf you are like me, you believe that there is nothing more frustrating and infuriating than being told you cannot come into the hospital with a loved one while they are sick and suffering. I am a very protective person of my family by nature, so to be told exactly this recently due to COVID-19 put me into a very angry state of mind. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get answers and could not advocate for my loved one, which increased my level of stress, anxiety and anger. I then remembered that I had a copy of my loved one’s Healthcare Proxy and that, once presented to the hospital, I could obtain answers to some of the questions that I had. If you or a loved one was suddenly stricken with illness and taken away in an ambulance, who has the authority to speak to the hospital and caregivers on their behalf if they are unable? Does your family have the necessary documents in place to ensure that your loved one has someone that can speak on their behalf? If you answered "no," "I have no idea," or "it has been a while since we had any paperwork drafted and I couldn’t begin to tell you where it is," then schedule a consultation now and save your family from some of the frustration of having a sick loved one.

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