So I’m going to start a Blog

Syracuse, NY Workers' Compensation Blog | MCV Law

For some time now, all of us at Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP, fondly known as MCV Law, have been learning about the new and emerging social media. We decided to take a leap and created a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, a Google+ account, and soon we will be revamping our website, To start the journey I welcome you to my blog.

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The title of my blog is simply “Crossett’s Voice”.

Until our website is revamped, this Blog, along with others from our firm, will be found on our Facebook page.

My intention is to educate, comment, and periodically offer opinions on issues concerning New York Workers Compensation Law and the practice thereof. It is not my intention to write a serial blog, expecting that everyone will read and follow my blog from the beginning. Rather, I will endeavor to center each installment around a single topic, and title it in a manner that will allow the reader to find specific information they may be seeking.

With the launch of this blog I’m inviting you to join MCVLAW at our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter. Of course, you can also refer to our website to find out what we look like, to obtain directions to our office, and to use the general information we have posted.