Our Predictions for New York Workers Compensation in 2015

The Team at MCV Law and I have put together our predictions for New York Workers’ Compensation in 2015.

In 2015 injured workers /claimants will see:

  1. Confusion over lost wage payments – we all miss the Form C-8 that has been eliminated by the Board. Keep track of your payments or at least your stubs.
  2. Reliance on electronic forms – which seek standardized answers to complicated issues, especially for degree of disability. If your disability is less that Temporary Total try to obtain specific written restrictions regarding your employability.
  3. Chaos over the implementation of the Non Acute Pain Guidelines that became effective in December of 2014. Discuss with your doctor potential limitations on the medications prescribed.
  4. More challenges from insurance companies and Special Funds Conservation Committee regarding long term pain medications. Understand your long term medications and discuss with your doctor how they help you work or complete the activities of daily living.
  5. Fewer primary care doctors accepting Workers’ Compensation – we think the fee schedule should be changed so as to encourage participation by all medical providers.
  6. Challenges from the Business Council to the Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) portion of the law. MCV Law will continue to work with the Injured Workers Bar Association and the Workers Compensation Alliance to protect your rights.
  7. Aggressive pursuit on the part of insurance companies to stop lost wage payments by argument a claimant’s failure to remain “Attached to the Labor Market.” Work with and documents your efforts with the “One Stop Centers”, Keep an active Job search using the Boards form C-258 and participate with Acces-Vr.

William Crossett and the Disability team at Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP.