Warehouse Injury Lawyers in Syracuse, NY

Warehouse Injury Lawyer in Syracuse New York

Workers' Compensation for Warehouse Workers: Common Injuries and Frequently Asked Questions

The warehousing and transportation industry consistently experiences some of the highest injury and illness rates involving days away from work per 10,000 workers. While all warehouse and transportation jobs can be dangerous, some companies are more dangerous than others. For instance, recent studies have shown that Amazon warehouse and transportation workers suffer serious injuries at twice the rate of warehouse workers at other companies.

Workplace injuries can be accidents, happening on a specific day at a specific time (i.e. picking up a heavy item and hurting your back), or they can be repetitive motion injuries that develop over the course of time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive motion injuries are also known as occupational disease claims.

In either type of workers’ compensation case, there is a statute of limitations. If you believe you were hurt at work, either by way of an accident or a repetitive motion injury, you should immediately alert your supervisor and complete a written accident report, as you only have 30 days to do so. A failure to alert your employer in writing could bar your claim. Your next step should be to contact an attorney to help you file your claim with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.

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You pay our firm nothing unless your Workers' Compensation claim gets approved. The benefits that we secure for injured warehouse workers help them pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. 

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Warehouse Injury FAQ

  • How long do I have to report an injury to my employer? – An injured worker has 30 days to report a work injury to their employer in writing.
  • Can I file a workers’ compensation claim if my injuries result from repetitive motion and not a specific accident? – Yes, if your injuries are the result of repetitive motion (occupational disease) then you can file a workers’ compensation claim in NY.
  • How do I file a workers’ compensation claim? – An injured worker must have medical evidence that connects the injury to the work incident and also file form C-3 with the NY Workers’ Compensation Board.

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