Will I get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check if I’m on Workers Compensation or Social Security Disability?

Last week, the Federal Government passed a stimulus program in response to the needs of those who are likely affected by the COVID-19 induced economic slowdown and to provide financial assistance across a wide spectrum of our economy.

The program includes direct payments to individuals. These payments are to be administered by the US Treasury Department through the IRS. The IRS using its tax filing records for 2019 and 2018 will determine who is to get paid and the amount of payment. It is based on income, filing status and number of dependents age 16 and under.

The Treasury Department recognizes however that not all individuals have filed or are required to file tax returns. In those instances, it will still attempt to issue these individuals a stimulus payment by using the records from the Social Security Administration.

If you have been collecting workers compensation and not required to file a return for 2018 or 2019, but your Social Security number appears on a tax return filed with a family member, the IRS should have your information and be able to determine your eligibility for payment. Also, if you have been collecting Social Security in some form the IRS can track you down that way.

For more information we recommend you search the IRS website which should be up dated soon here

You can also contact a tax professional for information about your specific circumstances.

Many Counties in NY provide free tax assistance through a VITA program. In Onondaga County the program can be accessed here.