MCV Law Supports Charity for Children

This past Monday, November 11th 2013, was Veteran’s Day. Not only did our firm salute our clients, co-workers, family and friends who have served our Nation, we also used the evening to attend the annual Charity for Children Event, “Evening of Cuisine”.

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The Charity for Children is a local charity that helps families of children with serious illnesses. Charity for Children often helps with those indirect expenses that so many families struggle with. Additionally, the First Duds Program provides needy newborns with a set of new clothing.

Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP, is pleased to have supported the Efforts of the Charity for Children Organization for the last 9 years. Indeed, we are often referred by the Charity as their partner, and serve as the Premiere Sponsor of the evening. In my capacity as the spokesperson for the Premiere Sponsor, I made the following remarks to those gathered for the event.

Syracuse, NY Charity for Children Supporting the kids of CNY | MCV Law

Good evening, I am William Crossett. On behalf of the Charity for Children and the Law Firm of Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP, I welcome you to tonight’s
event. I trust you have enjoyed the food, the shopping, and the chance to help those whose needs often fall thru the cracks.

We all know that, at the toughest of times, it is the littlest things that get us through. That is how we at MCV Law think of the Charity for Children: As a provider of the little things.

None of us can cure disease, and none of us alone can afford to pay a family’s living expenses while treatment is being had far from home, but each of us can, and often do, lend a helping hand to a person or family when we know there is a need to fill. Even today, in the sometimes too-connected world, the needs of the less fortunate often escape our notice. The Charity for Children works to connect those in need to those willing to help; the Charity lets us make those connections, helping to multiply our efforts in ways we could not dream of.

Nina, and those who work with her, take our modest donations, bundle them up, and make someone’s day brighter. Whether it is transportation money, living expenses, or simply a new set of baby clothes, someone’s day is made better – often in ways that anyone one of us would struggle to do on our own, without the help of groups like Charity for Children.

The recipients, as grateful as they are, cannot hope to thank all those who make the gifts possible. Tonight, I take the liberty of speaking on behalf of the recipients. I want to thank each and every one of you who take Nina’s calls; I want to thank each and every board member who spends hours planning events over pizza and wings in our conference room. These are the things that make the Charity’s work possible. Most importantly, on behalf of those who have benefited from the Charity’s works, I thank each and every one of you for your contributions – direct and indirect – and pray that you will continue your good deeds as long as there are children in need of your consideration and kindness.