It's Hard to Be Thankful When You Are on Workers' Compensation

It's Hard to Be Thankful When You Are on Workers' Compensation from mcv law profile image of william crossettDuring the holiday season, MCV Law, like many other businesses, sends messages wishing our clients and friends well. But, while we all know that it is important to be grateful, it is often hard to feel grateful when you find yourself on Workers’ Compensation. Over the course of my career, I have been most impressed by the courage that injured workers display. It is that courage that we are all thankful for.

When people seek our help, they are looking to return to the life they had before they spent their days going to doctors, fighting with insurance companies, and juggling bills and obligations that now seem overwhelming with reduced income. People miss the friendships, the shared mission, and the simple routine that existed before the injury. Many people are embarrassed or feel stigmatized by the fact that they are “on compensation.”

At MCV Law, we understand the human elements of an injury or sickness caused by work. We take the time to listen and explain the practical application of the law. We strive to produce the largest weekly award, obtain the medical treatment needed, and get the best settlement possible.

It is, however, the courage of the injured worker that truly counts. It takes courage to act upon our advice, to execute the strategy we suggest, and to be patient enough to let us do our work. It takes courage to get your life back.

We at MCV Law are thankful for the courage our clients demonstrate. We encourage our clients and friends to take comfort in and be thankful for their courage during this holiday season.