How Important is Estate Planning?

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In Al Anon and similar groups, there is a saying for when one begins to get upset about something that someone has or has not done. That saying is: how important is it? If it is not important at that time and is not going to cause the world to come crashing down, then perhaps it is not that important and, rather than get upset, you can simply move on. With Estate planning, however, the answer to the question of how important is it is: very.

While many people do not want to think about Estate Planning, it is something that is extremely important to have in place, given we do not know when or how we might die. Imagine, if you will, that you have a disabled child that relies on you and you pass suddenly. Now, imagine that you have no Will, so the business that you built over time and that helped support that child was sold and the majority of your Estate was split as allowed by law leaving your dependent disabled child to have to collect disability.

Imagine if you had younger children and were suddenly stricken with a terminal diagnosis and now your children, barely adults themselves, are trying to help you with getting your affairs in order. If after reading this you decide that you need to get your own affairs in order, call one of our attorneys at MCV Law today.

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