Need a Wills & Probate Lawyer in Syracuse, NY? - Why You Should Hire Paula Highers

why to hire paula highersAs a paralegal who is just learning about estate planning and estate administration (probate/administration), part of my training has been to sit in and observe consultations with my attorney and potential clients. I have learned that there is more to this process than I would have ever imagined. This can be a very overwhelming, stressful and frustrating process.

When our clients first come in, I can see how overwhelmed they have been. Not knowing where to start, what will come next?

Paula shows compassion, she shows that she is knowledgeable and she provides a service that makes this process as easy as it can be. She knows where to start and what comes next, and she understands that every situation is different. Paula takes on as much as she can to bring our clients a great deal of relief.

Paula meets with clients that would like to start their Estate Planning documents. Not everyone knows where to begin. She is able to educate clients on what things are and what the options they have are so that they can make the decisions that they need to make to get everything in order.

I have seen her with Probate/administration clients. This can be both a very overwhelming and emotional situation for our clients. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is already a painful time. Paula understands this, and takes the time to listen and identify with the person sitting in front of her. She makes it possible for that person to focus on grieving while she takes care of the rest. Paula communicates with our clients on what they need to provide us with and when they need to provide it while giving as much or as little instruction as they need. She contacts third parties and makes sure that everything is done correctly.

At the end of every meeting with a client, I have seen the relief from the client sitting in front of her. It is a privilege to work for someone that really does make a difference.