Do I Really Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

As workers compensation attorneys, we’ve heard it all. “The process isn’t complicated.” “You can find all of the information online to file a claim.” “The insurance company has already started to pay me!” Unfortunately, these misconceptions can cost you both time and money.

The New York Workers Compensation law is complex and very nuanced. A factor as specific as which part of your body was injured could significantly change your case. Based on which body part was injured, the medical treatment guidelines also come into play when filing a claim. At MCV Law, our team understands each nuance of the law and the workers’ compensation system as a whole. We’re here to do the math for you and make sure there are no logistical errors that could affect your case’s outcome.

The workers’ compensation carrier — the insurance company —  has a team of skilled attorneys and adjusters at their disposal, intending to limit the amount of benefits you ultimately receive. We do just the opposite. Our team fights to make sure you receive the maximum reward and recovery.

Our team brings decades of experience, a deep understanding of the system, and a desire to understand every aspect of your unique situation.

Don’t try to take on the insurance companies alone. MCV Law will take on the fight, so you don’t have to. Complete this simple online form today to request your free consultation.