Delivery Drivers & Workers’ Compensation in New York State

Workers' Comp benefits for delivery drivers
As we approach the peak of the holiday season, the number of deliveries made by delivery drivers each day is significantly higher than other times of the year. While more deliveries mean more pay for delivery drivers, it also places them at a greater risk of getting hurt on the roads.

Delivery drivers face several risks throughout their shift that individuals in other professions, such as office workers, may not face. For example, delivery drivers are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents, be attacked by dogs near a delivery location, or be injured while delivering or moving heavy products. Moreover, delivery drivers encounter a large portion of the general public each day, exposing them to harmful germs that can lead to potential illnesses like COVID-19 or the flu.

These claims often give rise to a Personal Injury claim due to the negligence of a Third Party, which is a separate and distinct claim from the Workers’ Compensation claim. As a result of having two claims arising from the same accident or event, the law and nuances are very complex.

The Workers’ Compensation Law does provide multiple potential avenues to winning these kinds of cases, but the system as a whole is difficult to navigate. Insurance carriers will hire teams of lawyers that will use the complexities and nuances in the law to see that injured workers get the lowest amount possible.

At MCV Law, we take a holistic approach to these claims. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the legal complexities of the courts and the system ensures you get the benefits you are entitled to. We carefully consider both the Workers’ Compensation case and the Personal Injury case jointly, to ensure delivery drivers receive maximum benefits from both cases.

We understand that not being able to work due to a work-related injury causes more than just physical pain. It impacts you mentally, financially, and socially and that impacts your family and loved ones. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring you get the benefits you need to get your life back.

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