Summertime Means Motorcycles

With the warmer weather, we are seeing more motorcycles on the road. New York law treats cars and motorcycles very differently. For example, motorcyclists are not entitled to New York No-Fault benefits when they have been in an accident. What does that mean? It means that motorcyclists are not entitled to No-Fault medical and lost wage benefits when they are injured in an accident. This can be a problem when a motorcyclist is injured and now is out of work with no one paying the bills.

Fortunately, a motorcyclist may bring a claim against a negligent driver for not only medical costs and lost wages, but pain and suffering as well. Since motorcyclists are not a covered person under New York No-Fault, a motorcyclist does not have to meet the “serious injury” threshold. Therefore, a motorcyclist may bring a claim even for minor injuries as long as the injury was caused by the negligence of another driver.

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