NY Workers' Compensation Benefits for Injured and Sick Nurses

NY Workers' Compensation Benefits for Nurses
May 6th is Nurse Appreciation Day.

MCV Law recognizes and appreciates the treatment, dedication and care that nurses provide to our injured clients. When nurses get hurt, helping them is the least we can do.

The hard work and care that nurses provide is critically important, but often undervalued. Nurses play an essential role in the care and recovery of injured workers and individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, the nature of nurses' work can often lead to on-the-job injuries for nurses themselves. When that happens, MCV Law is here to help.

When Nurses Are Hurt at Work, They Trust MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyers

At MCV Law, throughout the course of the day, our Workers' Compensation department is in constant contact with hospitals, orthopedists, surgeons, and their teams in order to monitor our injured clients' recoveries, obtain medical records, and request professional medical opinions as we help our injured clients build their cases and construct legally sound claims. Our attorneys communicate with New York's healthcare professionals often enough to fully understand the many injury and illness risks associated with their heroic profession, and we have successfully guided dozens of them through the Workers' Compensation process and helped them secure the financial benefits that are so important for achieving a more complete recovery.

Whether you're suffering from a serious illness brought on by a contagious patient, suffering from a toxic exposure, battling injuries sustained in a fall, accident, or assault, dealing with severe overexertion, or trying to overcome any of the other conditions that have become all too common in your field, we are here for you.

Our team will listen to your story. We will evaluate your situation from every angle, and walk you through your legal options with detail and clarity. We will identify the best opportunities for you to maximize compensation for your injury or illness, and fight for you through every step of that process. We're here to protect your rights. We're here to help you get your life back.

If you or someone you know is a nurse who has experienced a work injury or illness, MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyers are here to help. Connect with our skilled and experienced team today for a free consultation.

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