Labor Market Attachment for Injured Workers with a Temporary or Permanent Partial Disability

labor market attachment permanent partial disability header by mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown nyRecently, many of our clients have asked questions about their obligation to seek work or show that they are attached to the Labor market.

The law is clear that, before a finding of permanency, an injured worker whose impairment is not total, must demonstrate attachment to the labor market. If the injured worker is found “unattached”, wage benefits stop.

Many injured workers find themselves in this position. They are unable to return to their past work but medically have a partial impairment or disability. These workers must demonstrate attachment to the labor market by looking for work, participating with ACCES-VR or the One Stop Centers.

The Workers’ Compensation Law was amended effective April 10, 2017, to provide that Injured Workers classified with a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) do not need to demonstrate ongoing labor market attachment. This means that, once you are classified with a Permanent Partial Disability, you are no longer obligated to look for work within your restrictions. This includes participation with ACCES-VR and the One-Stop Centers.

The change to the law applies retroactively to all injured workers classified with a Permanent Partial Disability. So those of you who have been classified with a PPD are no longer burdened with this requirement to assure ongoing wage benefits.

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