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When New York State employees are hurt on the job or develop a medical condition from their work, MCV Law's highly recommended Workers' Compensation Lawyers answer their questions and provide the peace of mind you need after a work injury or occupational disease diagnosis.

Our Workers' Comp Lawyers Are Ready to Represent You Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic

"They're very responsive to both my calls and emails, and have guided me through the process better then I could have ever imagined. They're practically family at this point. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MCV to anyone struggling with workers compensation insurance issues, they're team is great."

- Matt, a satisfied MCV Law client

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Our Experienced Workers' Comp Lawyers Are On Your Side, Guiding You Throughout Your Case and Empowering You to Get Your Life Back

  • We Fight to Get You the Benefits You Need to Put Food on the Table & to Cover Your Related Medical Bills
  • We Listen to You & We Answer Your Questions
  • The Workers' Comp System is Complicated. Get a Free Case Evaluation with a Workers' Comp Lawyer Before It's Too Late.

"I had a great experience with this law firm. Very knowledgeable with my case, will use them again if needed. I had a very good outcome."

- Donna, a satisfied MCV Law client

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Workers' Comp Benefits Are Not Guaranteed. We Create a Plan for Your Case. 

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  2. We Review Your Case
  3. We Take Action- We listen to you and discuss the basic facts of your case. Signing a 110-A form allows us one-time access to Workers' Compensation Board files related to your case. We also review any issues related to your case and identify any necessary documents. 

"I was frustrated with the insurance company denying my claim. Your advice put me at ease and you made the process of helping me get taken care of really easy. I don't think I would have prevailed had it not been for you. I would recommend your firm to anyone with a contested Workers Comp claim."

- Jamie, a satisfied MCV Law client

Workers' Comp Isn't Your Life, It's Ours.

When you ask yourself "How will I provide for my family and I?" MCV Law's Workers' Compensation lawyers are here to provide the peace of mind and stability you're looking for.

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