The Importance of Healthcare Proxies: Who Will Speak for You?

Health Care Proxy Lawyer in Syracuse, NY

Who will speak for you should you not be able to? Do you feel it's important that doctors and hospitals know your wishes on end-of-life procedures you want to allow or not allow? Should you be in a coma, and/or unable to speak for yourself, who will speak for you?

A Healthcare Proxy Living Will is an important document that you can prepare, with the help of an attorney, that will speak for you when you are unable.

A Healthcare Proxy Living Will in conjunction with a Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament is the "trifecta of peace."  The HCP/LW will speak for you, the help of a Power of Attorney can manage things such as bank accounts for you if you are unable, and the Last Will and Testament speaks for you after you have passed on, so there is no confusion with your family as to your last wishes.

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