How to Correct Your Social Security Earnings

Why does it matter?

Your annual earnings determine the amount you will receive in retirement. But incorrect or omitted earnings could cause you to miss out on thousands of dollars in retirement benefits. It could also affect your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. It's up to individual employees to spot mistakes on their earnings history and take action to correct them.

How do I check my Earnings History?

You can check your Social Security Statement. If you are over 60, Social Security will mail you a statement once a year. If you are under 60, you can view your statement on line by opening a My Social Security Account at Your Social Security Statement will list all your earnings that were taxed by Social Security in each year you worked. You can check the earnings reported against your W-2’s or tax returns.

How do I correct errors in my Earnings History?

Recent annual earnings may take several months to appear on your statement. For previous years errors, you will need proof of your actual earnings to take to Social Security and ask them to correct your record. Proof can consist of the W-2 and/or tax return for the year in question; a year end paystub, your own wage records or other documents showing you worked for the year in question.