Autumn Brings Hidden Dangers for Driving

I love autumn. Autumn means warm days and cool nights, hiking through orange and yellow leaves, and pumpkin coffee! However, even though winter is considered the worst season for accidents, autumn has its own share of risks.

Autumn brings along more unpredictable weather activity. Autumn weather can be foggy, which makes travel difficult to navigate. As we head into November, the weather can be warm and rainy before suddenly turning colder, which can cause black ice. It is important to take note of the changing weather and prepare yourself for the road conditions.

While autumn brings shorter daylight hours, it can also bring sun glare as the sun travels a lower path in the sky. Make sure to have your sunglasses at hand so you are not blinded by the sun while driving.

Autumn is also known for more wildlife activity. It is critical to take note of signs that may indicate deer or other animals in the area and reduce your speed accordingly.

Autumn may seem like a safe time of year in comparison to winter, but it can be a dangerous season, too. Please be safe.