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  • Social Security Disability Attorneys in Syracuse, New York

    What Medical Providers Should Know About SSDI Claims

    Why is medical evidence crucial to your patient's claim? Medical records are very important to pursue a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Records provide a chronological account of the diagnosis, treatment, and progression of your patient’s condition over time. These documents are crucial for painting a comprehensive picture of how your patient's condition impacts their daily life and ability to work. Without this evidence, establishing the severity of their condition to the Soc

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  • How does work history impact SSDI eligibility? Social Security Disability law firm in Syracuse, NY

    How Does My Work History Impact My Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits?

    If you suffer from an injury or chronic condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. However, more is needed to establish your eligibility than just a diagnosis. One of the most critical factors that goes into determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits is your work history. Understanding the interplay between work history and SSDI eligibility is very important for anyone applying for benefits. Contact

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  • SSDI attorneys in Syracuse, New York

    Social Security Disability Law in 2024: Hot Topics and Possible Legislative Updates

    As we head into 2024, it’s important for Social Security Disability claimants and recipients to be aware of some potential legislative updates that could impact the benefits, application process, and eligibility criteria associated with SSDI. Several topics are under discussion among lawmakers and medical providers, and as always, the disability attorneys at MCV Law are closely monitoring the latest developments. New Leadership at SSA On December 23, 2023, Martin J. O’Malley was sworn in a

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  • Dysautonomia SSDI benefits

    Can I Get SSDI Benefits for Dysautonomia?

    Dysautonomia or POTS Dysautonomia or autonomic dysfunction, is a broad term that is used to describe disorders of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS maintains your body’s involuntary or “automatic” functions like internal temperature, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and hormonal functions. An imbalance in any of these “automatic” functions of the body could result in dysautonomia. Individuals with dysautonomia may not experience the same symptoms. This is because any disorder

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  • SSDI claimant - onset date of disability

    What Does the Onset Date Mean for your SSDI claim?

    What is an onset date, and what does it mean for your SSDI claim? The onset date is the date that you claim you became disabled when you file your application for Social Security benefits. Typically, the onset date is the date you last worked, but not always. Choosing the correct onset date is very important to your chances of obtaining disability benefits and obtaining the maximum back payment you are entitled to receive. The onset date determines when you are first eligible to receive Soci

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