Personal Injury

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When your life or that of a loved one is shattered by a serious personal injury, you need experienced and aggressive attorneys to secure the best possible result. The attorneys at MCV Law have extensive experience and knowledge to protect and advocate for our clients.

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Due to our high standard, we are selective in the clients we represent, so that we may give every client the personal attention they deserve. At MCV Law we have the reputation for advocating passionately for our clients. We understand that every client has diverse challenges and we develop a comprehensive knowledge of every client’s case as we prepare the matter for trial.

Please contact Heather R. La Dieu, Esq. to request additional information about our personal injury practice or to schedule a free consultation.

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents
  2. Slip & Fall Accidents
  3. Construction Accidents
  4. Insurance Claims
  5. Defective Products
  6. Wrongful Death

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For over 30 years, MCV Law’s work injury lawyers have helped guide people through the NY workers’ compensation process.

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