How Old Should I Be to Consider Estate Planning?

What is the proper age to plan for one’s future?  If you are vesting in an employee retirement system, then 21 years old is the earliest you can participate.  At 62 years old, you can start applying for Social Security benefits – so, is that the proper age to start thinking and planning for your future?  How many of you have started some kind of savings plan for your grandchildren?  Is the age at which you have grandchildren the right age? 

The answer is that any age is the right age to start planning for your future, and part of that planning should include Estate Planning.  Estate Planning is not just for those that are ill or facing the end of their lives, and it is most certainly not just for the uber-rich. Estate Planning is for those of us just starting out in this world, getting our first credit card, or going off to college.  It is for those of us starting second careers in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  It is for those of us that are having our first child, grandchild, or even great-grandchild.  No matter what your age or economic situation, Estate Planning is important and should be in place.  If you want to know more about how Estate Planning can benefit you, give our office a call at (315) 471-1664 to schedule a consultation today.