Evidence That Is Needed For Your Social Security Disability Claim

Filing a Social Security disability claim can be complicated and requires many specific conditions to be met. Fulfilling all of these requirements and proving the connection between your health condition and work status is essential to a successful claim. To prove a Social Security disability claim, you will need to show several types of evidence. This includes:

  • You will need to provide medical documentation that proves you sustained an injury that prevents you from working now and for at least the next 12 months. Note: you do not need to wait 12 months to file your claim.
  • You will need to prove that you are unable to return to your past work. As Social Security claims will examine the past 15 years of work history, you will need to prove that your injury or illness will prevent you from returning to any of the jobs you held during those 15 years.
  • You will need to prove that you are also unable to do any other type of work due to your condition. This will need to be shown through activity limitations established by your medical provider, which will determine if your ability to do specific work-related activities is limited. For example, if you have a back injury, you may not have the ability to hold a job that requires you to be on your feet for more than an hour a day. The limitations from your medical providers will need to show that you are incapable of doing any other work on an ongoing continuing basis in order to support your claim with disability.

Each case is different, and each individual has a unique set of needs. At MCV Law, we will work with you to get the medical records to support your claim. We'll help you to communicate with your doctor and to develop a strategy specific to your case.

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