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  • volunteer firefighter - new york workers' compensation

    New York Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters - MCV Law

    Volunteer firefighters regularly find themselves in dangerous situations. They are often put at risk of severe injury, illness, and even death while responding to calls. When a first responder reports to an emergency in their community, and then becomes injured or sick as a result, the last things they should have to worry about are medical expenses and lost income from missing work during their recovery. If you need help securing compensation for your injury or illness, we are here to help.

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  • Patricia Stegemann

    New York State Makes Recent Changes to Boater Safety Laws

    It’s summertime and that means fun on the water for Central New York boaters! There are recent changes in both New York boater safety laws and boating insurance rules that all boat owners and operators need to know in order to protect both themselves and others. A good source of information about safe boating rules and regulations is the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation.

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  • warehouse worker injury accident

    How Do I Get Paid After Surgery and How Long Does It Take? - NYS Workers' Compensation Law

    After having a surgery, you’re entitled to a period of 100% total disability and the pay that matches that “Degree of Disability” at 100%.

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  • Image of MCV Law Syracuse Office

    MCV Law's Syracuse Office is Moving

    MCV Law is excited to announce that, in the fall of 2021, we will be relocating our Syracuse, New York office. Construction has commenced to build out our space to meet the needs of our clients as we help you get your life back.

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  • Three Important Things to Know About Your Workers Compensation Claim Image of William Crossett

    Three Important Things to Know About Your Workers Compensation Claim

    There are three essential things that everybody should do when filing for workers’ compensation. Fulfilling these guidelines will ensure that your case goes smoothly, and you will receive the maximum amount of benefits for your case.

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