• insurance carrier isnt paying my bills workers compensation lawyers near syracuse ny christopher stringham from mcv law

    The Insurance Carrier isn't Paying My Bills!?

    Most people who get injured at work are surprised when they get their first medical bill denial in the mail from the insurance carrier.…

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  • workers compensation payments by mcv law workers compensation lawyers near syracuse ny and watertown ny

    I Was Hurt at Work. When Will I Be Paid?

    You are entitled to lost wages if you are out of work for more than 7 days. While the Workers' Compensation system provides for lost wages due to a work-related injury or illness, it often takes a few weeks for you to receive your first check.…

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  • workers comp hearing and payment from mcv law workers compensation lawyers near syracuse ny

    I'm Being Paid - Why Do I Need a Hearing?

    The insurance company may initiate payment to you while you are out of work without any direction by the court. However, it is always our practice to request a hearing if you are out of work. We do this for a few reasons.…

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  • syracuse workers compensation lawyers bethany nicoletti reduced earnings by mcv law

    What If I Am Unable to Earn My Full Wages After An Injury?

    If you return to work after an injury and suffer a reduction in earnings as a result of the injury, you are entitled to collect two-thirds of the difference in Workers’ Compensation benefits.…

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  • How Does Workers Comp Work

    How Does Workers’ Comp Work?

    Under the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law, there is a two-tier statute of limitations: Pursuant to Section 18 of the Law, you have 30 days from the date of accident or knowing that you have a work-related sickness or…

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  • William W. Crossett

    What if My Injury Occurs Off Premises?

    The law providers for Workers’ Compensation benefits for all injuries or illness that arise from or occur during the course of employment. This does not mean that the accident or illness has to occur at any particular place. Many people don’t work in a…

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  • Injured in an Auto or Truck Accident While Working

    What if I am Injured in an Auto or Truck Accident While Working?

    If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in the course of your employment, New York State provides No-Fault Benefits in addition to Workers’ Compensation Benefits. No-Fault Benefits are provided by the…

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  • Getting Prescription Medications

    Getting Prescription Medications

    It is a fact of life in the world of New York State Workers’ Compensation that getting medication is not as easy as your everyday trip to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. One of the main reasons for this is the number of parties…

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  • syracuse-workers-compensation-lawyer-bethany-nicoletti-at-mcv-law

    The Insurance Company is Paying Me “Without Prejudice”, Now What?

    Many times, the carrier will issue payments to you without prejudice. This means that the carrier is taking advantage of Section 21-a of the NYS Workers Compensation Law. Section 21-a allows the carrier to pay you without accepting your case…

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  • syracuse-workers-compensation-lawyer-bethany-nicoletti-at-mcv-law

    What are the advantages of a Medicare Set-Aside?

    In order to settle the medical portion of a Workers’ Compensation claim, we are sometimes required to take into account Medicare’s interest. This requires us to obtain a Medicare Set-Aside. While this may seem confusing and unfamiliar…

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