William W. Crossett Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Admission to the New York State Bar

February marks the 40th anniversary of William Crossett's admission to the New York State Bar. A few months after his admission, he represented his first injured worker before the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. Mr. Crossett recently reflected on that time and what stuck with him in his career as an attorney.

"I remember my first client very well," said Mr. Crossett. "He loved working outdoors as a lineman and was concerned that a permanency finding would jeopardize his job. He was afraid that his company would assign him inside work. Unfortunately, law school had not prepared me for such a concern. So, I went to the Law Library - there was no Google. I read the only book on New York State Workers' Compensation from cover to cover. I did not, however, find an answer to my client's concern.

"Fortunately, when we went to court, I was able to work out a resolution that allowed him to remain an outdoor worker. Solving my client's concern undoubtedly was consistent with the intent of the workers' compensation law. Still, the answer was not found in words used in the statute. Instead, I realized that my work was learning what mattered most to those asking me for help and finding a strategy utilizing the law and my people skills in a way that was most likely to return the person to the life they wanted."

Over the years, Mr. Crossett has used this approach to help thousands of injured workers and others. William has become an advocate for the injured worker and those representing them. He helped form and later served as president of the Injured Workers Bar Association of New York. He was recognized by the New York State Bar Association for his contributions to the practice of law and continues to actively serve on the Workers' Compensation Law Section. Mr. Crossett was inducted into the College of Workers Compensation Lawyers and is an active member of the Workers' Injury Law and Advocacy Group, a national organization of advocates for the injured worker. Currently, William serves as Co-Chair of the New York Workers Compensation Alliance, a Political Action Committee that seeks to improve the laws that affect all Injured Workers.

Mr. Crossett is proud of the fact that his first workers' compensation client returned to MCV Law decades later when he suffered a career-ending injury. After that, MCV law handled his Workers' Compensation case and a Social Security Disability case. MCV Law also provided estate planning services to make the best of his final years.

As the Managing Partner at MCV Law, Crossett's mission is to ensure that the firm listens and provides a strategy that will help all of our clients "Get Their Lives Back."