When Should I Hire a Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer?

We are often asked why someone should hire an attorney for a social security disability (SSD) case and at what point in the process they should hire an attorney to help in their claim. The best time to hire a social security disability lawyer is as soon as possible.

Many SSD lawyers don’t file the actual applications for clients, instead, meeting with you after you’ve already received a denial. At MCV Law, we like to meet with you as soon as possible to make sure that your application is thorough and to help you develop a strategy for pursuing your claim.

Social Security Disability law is complicated with complex forms and stringent timelines. An attorney can help you through the process by gathering the evidence needed, making sure your claim is thorough, ensuring deadlines aren’t missed and helping you coordinate your medical care. An attorney can also gather opinions to help support your status as disabled, in accordance with social security disability law.

If you or a loved one has an illness or injury that's preventing you from working, we'll help you to determine if you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Complete this simple online form today to request your free consultation.