Recognizing Nurses on Nurse Appreciation Day and National Nurse Week

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May 6 is Nurse Appreciation Day. Nurse Appreciation Day is the first day of National Nurse Week (Sunday, May 6 through Saturday, May 12).

MCV Law recognizes and appreciates the treatment, dedication and care that nurses provide to our clients. 

workers compensation attorneys for nurses from mcv law near syracuse ny and watertown nyThe hard work and care that nurses provide is important and valued. Nurses play an important role in the care and recovery of injured workers and individuals with disabilities. 

Unfortunately, the nature of nurses' work can often lead to on the job injuries for nurses themselves. 

When Nurses Are Hurt at Work, They Trust MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you or someone you know is a nurse who has experienced a work injury, MCV Law's Workers' Compensation Lawyers near Syracuse NY, Watertown NY and the surrounding areas may be able to help.

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