How to Buy a House

Congratulations! You are thinking about buying a house, now what?

how to buy a house near syracuse ny from mcv lawBuying a house, whether it is your first home or your fifth can be a daunting task. From picking the right realtor to choosing the right house and then choosing the right real estate attorney. Purchasing real estate can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, but, here at MCV Law, we try to help make the process go a little more smoothly for our clients from contract to closing, and beyond.

How to Buy a House: Talk with a Real Estate Lawyer

Hire an attorney to represent you. You may be surprised to find that pricing for real estate attorneys will vary like many other products you buy. The right real estate attorney will help set your mind at ease, answer your questions and be there for you from contract to closing. 

In the Central New York area, you will be able to find attorneys that will represent you for as little as $450.00, but remember, cheaper is not always better. While our typical fee of $1000.00 may not be the cheapest around, we strive to be thorough, professional and responsive to our clients and their needs--from contract to closing and after. 

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Most people pay realtors 6 to 7%* of your purchase price (so for a $200,000.00 home that equals $12,000.00 to $14,000.00) without batting an eye. Isn't having the right legal team on your side through this process to help you protect your dream worth a fraction of the price you pay a realtor to help you find your dream (for example $1000.00 is $0.005% of $200,000.00)?

The purchase of a home is an expensive and personal venture, it is an investment into your future. Realtors help you find your dream, lawyers help you protect it!

*These percentages and commissions are negotiable with your realtor. If there are two realtors the fee may be split 50/50 or 3 to 3.5% per realtor (or $6,000.00 to $7,000.00 per realtor).

How to Buy a House: Research is Key

When you're trying to figure out how to buy a house, look into various lenders and the various programs they offer. Speak to a representative to see what programs you might qualify for and what amount you are preliminarily approved to borrow so you know how much house you can afford.

How to Buy a House: Consider All Costs

Also, consider what amounts will be needed: homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, utilities and the little miscellaneous problems that arise (broken mower, furnace on the fritz, leaking roof) after you have purchased your house so that you can budget accordingly.

How to Buy a House: Visit the Area

Consider visiting the area you are considering buying a house in at various times (nights, weekends) to see what the traffic is like when you will be driving to work or how loud the neighborhood is.

When considering putting an offer on a house, look at the neighboring houses. Do they keep the property up? Do they have multiple recreational vehicles in the yard and tracks from riding all-terrain vehicles around the property?

If you are buying a historical property (one registered on the National Historical Registry or one that you know or believe has historical significance) ask neighbors about the property or go online and research the history of the property. You may find after researching the property further that the noise level may be more than you are willing to accept or that the history of the property will overshadow your future vision for the property, making it difficult to pursue your dream.

How to Buy a House: Things to Consider

When buying a home, whether it be your very first home purchase or your fifth, there are things that you can do to help make the process less stressful and overwhelming. First, unless you are knowledgeable about the building codes, structural requirements and radon, always consider spending the extra money to have a home inspection and radon testing completed on the house. Even if you are buying a “fixer-upper”, you want to have a better idea of the extent of repairs that may need to be made to the property before you purchase. A few hundred dollars on the front end of your purchase may save you many thousands of dollars in repairs after your purchase.

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